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Advanced setup and customization of Xtramail to your needs


Xtramail comes pre-configured and ready to use and does not require any setup. However, you have the option to customize Xtramail to your needs.

The setup is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps. In this article, we will guide you through setting up your XTRAMAIL account so that you can use it optimally for communicating with your colleagues, friends and family.

Register with Xtramail

Before you can start with the configuration of XTRAMAIL, you have to register Register with Xtramail.
To do this, go to the XTRAMAIL login page. Enter your e-mail address and password.

Configuration of Xtramail to my needs

Once you have registered with XTRAMAIL, you can customize your account settings to suit your needs. This includes, for example, setting the language, time format or design. But you can also set up your email signature, create automatic replies, configure your spam and junk mail filter and much more.

To get started, click in the dashboard on Settings in the left menu.

xtramail setup and settings
Click Settings

The following explains the options from top to bottom.


Language: Select the desired language for your user interface. There are about 100 languages available. After saving, Xtramail changes the user interface directly to the selected language.

Absence status: Set after what time your online status should be switched to Away.

Landing page: This setting determines which page/module you will be redirected to after login.

Date format: Set the format for the date.

Header style: With this setting you can change the design of Xtramail. After saving, the design changes to the one you have chosen.

Day & Night Mode: Specify whether the "Dark" mode is to be used for the night and the "Light" mode for the day. In the figure above, for example, the dark mode is active. Switching to night is done at 17.00 and to day at 07.00.

Xtramail Settings General
Xtramail Settings General


Click the "Profile" button and enter your personal information, such as your name, date of birth, company name, and title or position. You can also add your phone number, email address, photo, nickname and website URL.
Your profile is your personal business card and we will not go into it further as it is self-explanatory.

Xtramail Setup Profile - Your personal business card
Xtramail Setup Profile - Your personal business card


Another great and exclusive function of XTRAMAIL is that you can choose between different options for your applications. For example, you can choose between XTRAMAIL and Horde for your contacts or the Roundcube APP for your calendar.

To do this click the button "Apps", select the necessary option on the right and save your changes by clicking the button "Save" in the upper right corner of the screen.

Xtramail APPs - Select the desired application
Xtramail Setup APPs - Select the desired application

Advanced email setup

After you have configured your account settings, you can customize your XTRAMAIL inbox. This includes creating or sorting new folders. Organize your emails, set rules to automatically sort incoming emails, and create filters to block unwanted emails.


Sorting method for e-mail folders: In this section you can specify how you want your folders to be arranged. For example, if you want to add your own folders and arrange them in the order you want, select "Custom".

Toggle Folder Sort: If you want to sort your folders, you must first click on "Toggle Folder Sort" to turn on the function.

Sort the folders or add new folders: To change the order of the folders, hover the mouse over the blue square of the corresponding folder and drag the folder to the desired position.

You can use a create new folderby clicking on the orange plus right bottom click. A new window will open. Fill in the configuration options such as folder name, folder color, folder icon, etc. When you are done, click Create. The new folder has been created.

Sort folders or create new folders
Xtramail Setup Folder - Sort folders or create new folders

In this area you can advanced settings for your email make.
Specify how Xtramail should handle emails when reading, writing, tracking, sending, etc.
This area is optimally preconfigured for general use. You should only make changes here if you really need them.

Xtramail Setup Settings
Xtramail Setup Settings

Create custom signatures that are automatically attached to your emails. Email signatures can include text, images, your electronic business card, a logo, or even your handwritten signature. Add a personal touch to your email by using one of the 20 predefined signatures and supplement them with your own data.

Step 1: Click Signature

Step 2: Set at Activate signature A hook

Step 3: Select the desired Predefined template off.

Step 4: Now edit the template in which you insert your data.

Step 5: Save your changes by clicking on the button in the upper right corner of the page. Save click.

Choose one from 20 predefined signatures
Xtramail setup signature - choose one from 20 predefined signatures

Cancel appointments, inform customers, write vacation handovers: If you're going on vacation, you have to take care of a few things beforehand. Don't forget the automatic out-of-office notification that informs your contacts about your absence. Maybe you're not on vacation at all, but unavailable due to illness or a business trip, for example.

Thanks to the Autoresponder function of Xtramail you don't have to create each email manually and send it to all your recipients individually. This will save you many hours of work. Once created, the autoresponder email sends itself. Over and over again.

Activate the check box Activate autoresponder. A mask opens in which you can enter the desired text and the Start and end date can enter.
When you are done, click Save. Your emails will now be answered automatically.

Create automated responses
Xtramail Setup Autoresponder - Create automated responses

If you receive a lot of e-mails every day, you should set up an e-mail filter to create order in your inbox. The filter function helps you keep track of important mails so that they don't go unanswered. With the help of rules you can automate the moving, marking and answering of emails.

The simplest and most common rule to create is one that moves an item from a specific sender or with specific words in the subject line to another folder.

Click Filter and then click on the plus at the bottom right "Add Filter" and a new window will open. Give your filter a unique name. Then you specify when and under what conditions the filter should be applied.

Next, place the Conditions fixedby opening the drop-down menu. Select a condition. Then select whether this condition included or not included should be. In the field next to it, enter the corresponding word or words.

In the next section "Actions" you specify what to do with the email. From the available options, select the one that suits your needs. After that, save in the upper right corner.

Add Xtramail Filter
Add Xtramail Filter

The e-mail import function, also Email migration tool is one of the highlights of Xtramail.

If you switch from another web host to ORC Web Hosting, you can take all your email accounts and the emails, folders and contacts they contain with you without much hassle.
With the import function of XTRAMAIL you can import contacts and messages from other email accounts. Please note that importing your contacts and messages may take some time depending on the size of your account and the speed of your internet connection. Once the import process is complete, your contacts and messages from the imported account will be visible in your XTRAMAIL account.

Click Import and then on Add import. Now fill in the required fields with the correct data and start the import. After a short time the import is completed.

We have compiled detailed instructions for importing e-mails for you here: How can I transfer my emails to ORC Webhosting?

e-Mail Migration Tool from Xtramail
e-Mail Migration Tool from Xtramail
Prefabricated answers

Tired of answering the same question over and over again? Pre-built answers help you quickly send predefined answers to frequently asked questions you receive by email every day. Save time and answer in seconds instead of minutes.

Go to "Prefabricated answers" and click on the orange plus sign in the bottom right corner "Adding a new prefabricated answer"..

Now fill in the appropriate fields and save. The next time you reply to an email, you can simply paste the reply you just created from a drop-down menu. You can create as many replies as you like. The number is unlimited.

Xtramail setup prefabricated answers
Xtramail setup prefabricated answers

Xtramail Setup Logins

You can increase the protection of your email account by setting up a recovery email address, adding security questions, and enabling two-step authorization.
Two-step authorization is a powerful security feature that provides additional protection to your XTRAMAIL account. It not only protects your XTRAMAIL account from hacker attacks, but also allows you to log into your XTRAMAIL account if you forget your password. We recommend you to activate the 2FA!

Xtramail increased security eikonfigurieren
Xtramail increased security eikonfigurieren

In summary, XTRAMAIL setup or set-up is a simple process that can be completed in a few steps. With XTRAMAIL you'll have an exclusive, reliable and easy-to-use email platform that will help you stay in touch with your colleagues, friends and family.

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