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DNS Management in the Customer Center

At this point we give you important information about the function and handling of DNS Management in the Customer Center or in the cPanel.

DNS management in the customer center

If you have entered the nameserver entries ns1.orcwebhosting.ch / ns2.orcwebhosting.ch or others with orcwebhosting.ch at the end (see screenshot), you can NOT use the DNS Management in the Customer Center. When you make DNS changes in the Customer Center, they will be NO EFFECT have, therefore, do not work!

Your DNS management is located in the cPanel.

dns management in the customer center
With these entries you use the DNS management in cPanel: Domains - ZONENEDITOR

You can find the DNS management in the cPanel in the Category DOMAINS and here select ZONE EDITOR. See screenshot.

All changes to your DNS entries must be made in cPanel.

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dns management in the customer center
DNS Zone Editor in cPanel

Why is that? For all customers who have web hosting with us, we use a separate DNS cluster. This has the advantage for you that no matter on which servers your website is located, you can always use the same name servers. Another advantage is that you do not have to change nameservers during a server migration and a migration can be performed for you without interruption and without your intervention.

Anycast DNS Management in the Customer Center

The Anycast DNS service is a powerful solution that speeds up the standard operation of Domain Name System (DNS) servers. It provides faster response times when visitors from all over the world access your web pages for the first time. This state-of-the-art Anycast network with 13 nodes on 5 continents and hundreds of servers in 3 separate clouds ensures that your domains are resolved quickly and securely worldwide.

This solution is based on our worldwide DNS servers and is offered as an option for all of your domains that are do not use web hosting from us.

To use the Anycast DNS Zone Management in the Customer Center under DOMAINS - DNS MANAGEMENT the name servers must first be exchanged as follows.


dns management
With the Anycast name servers you can use the DNS management in the customer center

Please note: If your domain is connected to a web hosting with us and you switch to anycast DNS, you will hang everything and your website, mails etc. will be unreachable until you change the Zones A-Record - CNAMES - MX Records etc. have newly entered.

A DNA change takes up to 24 hours to spread worldwide. However, this usually happens within a few hours.

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dns management
DNS Management in the Customer Center

Managing DNS zones for your domain names in cPanel or Customer Center requires a basic understanding of how DNS works. If you are not sure what DNS actions you need to take, please first contact our technical support, we will be happy to help you.

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