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How to configure the General Settings in WordPress?


After the initial installation from your WordPress website, there are some things you need to do before you can focus on creating your content. Even though you may think that WordPress has it configured and therefore ready to go, which is partly true, you still need to do some basic steps perform.

To get your WordPress application to your individual needs and ensure the proper functionality of your website, you should take a moment to review the general settings.

In this tutorial, you will find a comprehensive explanation of all WordPress settings and learn how to effectively manage your website.

Log in to WordPress

Please log in to your WordPress admin dashboard first. To do so, call your domain followed by "/wp-admin", e.g. "yourdomain.ch/wp-admin", where "yourdomain.ch" stands for your domain name.

Once you are logged in, please navigate via the menu bar on the left to Settings > General.

Wordpress website language and time zone
WordPress Settings General

You will then be redirected to the "General settings" section where you can start the configuration.

Configure general settings

We will explain all the settings in as much detail as possible to make sure you understand exactly what you can control.

Page title and tagline

The }, "page titles" is the main heading of your website. It is usually displayed in the header of your website's pages and in the browser's title bar. Please note that the use of the website title can vary depending on the theme. Generally, you should type your company name or something that describes your brand.

The }, "tagline" is for your tagline, idea, or anything else that defines your website. It is usually displayed below the page title in a smaller font size. As with the page title, the exact position of the tagline depends on your WordPress theme.

Wordpress page title and tagline configuration
Configure WordPress page title and tagline

Website URL

The "WordPress Address (URL)" specifies the full URL of the directory where the WordPress core files are stored. For example, if WordPress is installed in the root directory of the domain, the URL is "https://meinedomain.ch". However, if WordPress is installed in a subdirectory, such as "blog", the URL is "https://meinedomain.ch/blog".

The "Website Address (URL)" specifies the actual URL address of your website. In other words, the address that visitors must enter to access your website. It also depends on the root directory of the WordPress core files.

Configure Wordpress addresses
Configure WordPress addresses

Administrator email address

The "Administrator email address" is the Main email address of your WordPress website. It is used as the recipient for all admin and maintenance update notifications generated by WordPress. Please note that although this email address is probably the same as your admin email address, it is also used for other purposes.

WordPress administrator email address

Membership and default user role

The Membership checkbox allows you to specify who can register on your WordPress website. If you enable the checkbox, there are no restrictions and all your visitors can register. For security reasons, we recommend that you do not enable this option.

The "Default role for new users" sets the default role assigned to all newly registered members or created users.

WordPress Membership and User Roles

WordPress website language and time zone

In the "Website language" dropdown menu, you can select the desired language for your WordPress admin dashboard.

In the Time Zone drop-down menu, you can select the city that represents the appropriate time zone for your website. If you don't find the city you want, you can always select one of the UTC format options.

Wordpress website language and time zone
WordPress website language and time zone

WordPress settings: Date Time and Week Start

The Date Format parameter allows you to select the format in which the data should be displayed in the front end of the website. Please note that your selection here does not affect how the data is displayed in the Admin Dashboard.

The "Time format" works similarly. Your selection determines how the time is displayed on the front end of the website, but has no effect on the Admin Dashboard.

The "Week starts on" option defines which day is considered the first day of the WordPress calendar. The selected day will be displayed in the first column of the monthly calendar.

Wordpress Website Configure General Settings
WordPress settings date format

When you have changed all the settings as desired, please do not forget to click the "Save changes" button to apply the changes.

You have now learned how to configure the general settings of your WordPress website. We hope the information in this tutorial will help you configure the settings to meet the specific needs of your project. If you need any assistance, please contact our Support Teamwhich will be happy to help you.

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