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How can I access my email account through cPanel Webmail?


ORC Web hosting with cPanel offers a powerful webmail interface that lets you check your email from anywhere. In this article you'll learn how to sign up for webmail and Xtramail.

Webmail applications let you check your email accounts from your web browser. You can compose and read email messages, manage an address book, and perform other common tasks. You can also check your email from your phone, such as an iPhone or Android phone. For iPhone and Android there is also our In-house Xtramail APP.

What is webmail?

As in the previous examples, webmail is another tool that allows you to send and receive emails. The difference is that webmail is accessible through a web browser. You don't need to install the software. You can simply log in to Webmail anywhere with a browser and get started.

Before you try to log in to Webmail Xtramail, make sure you have created an email address in your cPanel first.

Don't have an email address yet? In this tutorial we will show you how quickly you can Set up an e-mail address can: How to create email accounts in cPanel?

Video tutorial

There are two webmail applications available in cPanel that you can use:

1.we recommend: Our in-house XTRAMAIL All in One Communication Suite with integrated IOs and Android APP.
2.cPanel Webmail: The less performant cPanel application Round Cube.

In this video tutorial we will show you how to access your webmail via cPanel.

Login via the browser

Access Xtramail directly

When you use our XTRAMAIL, you enter https://xtramail.orcwebhosting.com into your browser, enter your full E-mail address and your password in the user login and press the Login button.

xtramail webmail login
XTRAMAIL Webmail Login Page

Once your Webmail-Xtramail is open, you can read your emails, check your inbox and junk emails, upload and download files, start a video, text or audio chat and much more.

For Xtramail there are also own iOS and Android apps for tablets and phones. These apps do not require any installation. You simply enter your email address and password and you can read and write emails or send your files etc. just like the desktop variant.

Log in to cPanel Webmail Roundcube

Log in directly to your webmail using your domain name. For example: https://example.ch/webmail or https://example.ch:2096. Where example.ch stands for the domain of your email address.
The login prompt looks like this:

cpanel webmail login
cPanel Webmail Login Page

You become the cPanel webmail-page. Click on one of the two webmailers, e.g. Roundcube or Xtramail.

Once your webmail is open, you can read your emails and check your inbox and junk emails.

With this information and the steps above, there should be no problem accessing and using your webmail through Xtramail or cPanel. Enjoy your webmail experience and if you have any problems with your email account, contact us. We at ORC Web Hosting are always here for you.

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