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How can I create and manage new menus in WordPress?


Since easy navigation is one of the most important aspects of a website, you should organize your website menus carefully. We all know how frustrating it can be to spend a long time trying to find your way around a website. This can cause potential users to get lost, and no one wants that. We'll show you how to create and manage WordPress menus.

In WordPress, menus are collections of command links that can be assigned to any menu item available in the theme you are using. Each menu consists of a set of elements. The fact that menus can be displayed on any page and in any form gives you great flexibility.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to set up your Create WordPress menus and efficiently manage and organize.

Calling up the menu area

The first thing you need to do is log into your WordPress admin dashboard. After you have logged in, use the menu bar on the left side of the screen to navigate to Design > Menus.

Call menu area in WordPress

After that you will get to the area { "menus".. Here you can find all your Create WordPress menus and manage.

Create new WordPress menus

Now that you are on the page you want, let's start with the basic step of creating your very first custom menu. To do this click on the link "Create new menu". When you click on the link, an empty field appears "Menu Name", in which you should enter the title of the menu. When you are ready, please click on the button "Create Menu".

Create Wordpress menus and edit menu items
Create new WordPress menus

The new menu has been successfully created and can now be further configured. As you can see, it is already selected for editing, so you can start customizing it right away.

Configure the new WordPress menu

After you have created the menu, it's time to add the menu items you want. In the left pane you will find all the menu items that are currently available on your WordPress website: Pages, posts, custom links and categories.

Create Wordpress menus and edit menu items
Create and configure new WordPress menus

As you can see, each menu category is presented as a separate pull-down menu that you can expand by clicking on the corresponding arrow icon. To facilitate navigation, the pages, posts and categories are divided into the three subsections of "Last created", "All" and "Search" subdivided.

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Add posts to the menu

Adding individual menu items is quite simple. Check the corresponding checkboxes and then click the button "Add to menu".

Activate the check box "Select All"if you want to add all listed menu items.

Create Wordpress menus and edit menu items
Create WordPress menus and add posts

As soon as you click the button "Add to menu" button, the selected menu items will be immediately inserted into the menu editor (right panel).

Adding external menu items

In the dropdown list "Individual Links" you can configure an absolute URL address that leads to an internal or external page. When the section expands, you must enter the URL address and the name of the link that represents the item in the menu.

Click the "Add to Menu" button when you are done.

Create Wordpress menus and edit menu items
Create WordPress menus and add custom links

Now that you know how to give your Add elements menu we will focus on the right pane, which is intended for configuring the menu structure.

Organize the menu items

As with any other WordPress element, you can use the Rearrange menu itemsby simply dragging and dropping them to the desired position. The order in which they appear in the backend determines their meaning in the frontend menu.

Create and organize WordPress menus

With WordPress you can also Dropdown menu items or Submenus create. With such a configuration, you add multiple pages, posts, categories, and custom links within the same menu item. These are listed as a dropdown in the front end of your website when you click or hover over the parent menu item.

If you want to nest multiple menu items, simply drag and drop the desired child menu items under the parent menu item. Note that you can use the submenu items a little to the right need to insert. This tells WordPress that you want to create a submenu. If the menu items are on the same line, they are considered separate parent menu items.

Create and organize WordPress menus

Subordinate elements are marked as such with the label { "subitem". as can be seen in the screenshot example above.

Changing menu items

If you have a specific Change menu item you can do so by clicking on the corresponding arrow icon. This will expand all the settings and you can change the navigation name and move it with the corresponding links.

Create Wordpress menus and edit menu items
Create WordPress menus and edit menu items

Configuration of the menu settings

Let us now take a look at the last section "Settings menu" in the Editor menu.

The first checkbox "Add pages automatically" allows to add all newly created top-level pages to the menu automatically. Top level pages are parent pages, i.e. the page is not nested under any other page.

The second option "Position in Theme" displays all available menu positions supported by the theme you are using. Each WordPress theme supports several predefined block positions where you can display the menu in the frontend.

In our case, the thematic structure has only two positions -. "Top Menu", the main navigation menu displayed at the top of the website pages, and the menu "Social Links"which is positioned in the footer.

Select the corresponding check box to select the desired location.

WordPress Menu Settings

Click on the button "Save menu"button to apply the changes after you have made all the desired changes.

Now let's look at the result in the frontend of your website.

Create new WordPress menus

In the screenshot above you can see how the menu looks like in our example.

In summary, in this tutorial you have learned how to create and configure navigation menus in your WordPress website. We hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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