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How can I enable gzip compression (mod_deflate)?


Compressing web content is an effective way to reduce page load times, save bandwidth, and improve user experience. In this article, you will learn how to enable and customize gzip compression in cPanel.

Compression reduces the size of the file before the web server sends it to the Internet browser. Compressing and decompressing takes less time than sending large files over the Internet. Once a browser receives the files, it decompresses them before displaying the web pages. This results in shorter load times and a better user experience.

One of the default methods is to use gzip compression in cPanel. If you enable this feature at the cPanel level, you can automatically compress all supported files for the domain or website in that hosting account. This can reduce the page size by more than 70%. The compression is based on the Apache mod_deflate module.

Enable Gzipp compression (mod_deflate)

gzip compression is normally disabled by default, and you must log in to your Register cPanel and activate the functions using the integrated functions.

After you have logged in to the cPanel, navigate to the Software section and click on the Optimize website option. This way you can compress your files with different options.

gzip compression for website
Optimize website with gzip compression

The Optimize Website function takes you to a new page where you can compress the website. You have three options to disable the function, the entire content or specific File types compress.

  1. Disabled: This is the default option
  2. Compress all content: This option lets you reduce the size of all website components required by a browser or web application. When you select this option, all the content on your website is compressed.
  3. Compress specified MIME types: Here you can specify the type of files to compress. For a MIME type, you must enter the syntax in the type/subtype format. Here the type stands for the category, which can consist of one or more parts. You can specify the MIME type in any upper and lower case.
gzip compression for website
Optimize the management of your website with gzip

When saving, a success message is displayed indicating the type of content the server is compressing.

gzip compression for website
Success message after activation of gzip compression

As the domain owner, by enabling gzip compression in the cPanel, you can Improve the performance of your website.

The overall effect of compressing your website content is faster load times, lower bandwidth requirements, and an improved user experience.

Video tutorial

In addition to this detailed guide, our team has created a video tutorial for you:

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