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How can I log in to the cPanel?

cPanel is one of the most commonly used Control Panels for the management of Web hosting services. With cPanel you can configure and use almost every aspect of the services we offer in a relatively simple way. In our cPanel tutorial series we will go through almost all the features and configurations that cPanel has to offer, so that you know how to use the panel without any problems.

cPanel User-friendly management

You can easily register via the Customer Center log in to the cPanel WITHOUT needing the appropriate credentials. Single Sign On (SSO).

In the attached video we show you how to log in to cPanel.

Another way to access the cPanel service is to use the information in the welcome email (your web hosting credentials) that you received when signing up for services from ORC Web Hosting have received.

How can I log in to the cPanel?

Access via direct URL with the access data

If you have the login details for your cPanel account, you can of course also use the direct cPanel login URL.

To access cPanel, open a browser and enter the following URL:
https://ihre-domain.ch/cpanel (The access data are identical with the FTP login). Thereby your-domain.ch has to be replaced with the actual domain.

Access WITHOUT the credentials with SSO: 

log in to the customer center: https://cpclients.orcwebhosting.com/clientarea

1. click on your corresponding product.

log in to cpanel

Click on the CPANEL LOGIN button.

cpanel log in

3. click on the blue button CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE CPANEL

cpanel log in or register

That's it! You now know how to access the cPanel service in order to use all the services offered by ORC Web Hosting. Of course, if you encounter any difficulties or this guide isn't detailed enough, please don't hesitate to send a support ticket to our technical support and we will provide you with all the information you need to start using the cPanel service for your Web hosting account with ORC Webhosting.

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