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How can I restore a backup and what is the cost of restoration?


A lot has changed with the new version of JetBackup. The old, somewhat simple interface has given way to a more complex, but more flexible interface. In the following lines we will give you a general overview of the JetBackup interface and why you have limited access to it and cannot restore a backup yourself....

Jet Backup Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard section of JetBackup displays various options and shortcuts. At the top center you can see overall statistics about your web hosting accounts' backups in the form of three cards.

New Alerts

On the first card you will find the details of "New Notifications". This information will help you make sure that the backups for your web hosting account are error-free.

Total backups

On the second card "Total Backups" you will find general information about the number of backups we have for your web hosting account. This number may vary depending on the web hosting package you use with us. In the free backup version, backups are created every 7 days and you will see the number of backups for the last 4 weeks. In the paid backup version, the backup is created daily and you will see the number of backups from the last 30 to 180 days, depending on the version.

Total Account Usage (GB)

The third card "Total Account Usage" provides information about the general backup space consumption of your web hosting account. This space has nothing to do with the space of your web hosting account. The backup space is located separately on another server. The backup space may be larger than your booked web hosting package.

Restore a backup
Jet Backup Dashboard Overview

Restore & Download Area

Just below the Statistics section you will find the Restore and Download section. Here you will find links to all the backup types we create for your web hosting account.

Full backups

This option is intended only in case of a total disaster. If for some reason you have destroyed your account and made it unusable, we can restore it with this feature.

Home directory

With this option we can restore the entire public_html. Please note that databases associated with your account must be restored separately.


With this option we restore the desired database.

Database user

With this option we restore database users that may have been deleted.

Restore a backup
Jet Backup Restore and Download
Manage account

The "Manage account" option allows you to set up only one email account that will be used by JetBackup to send notifications.

Restore a backup
Jet Backup Manage Account

How can I restore a backup?

A backup can only be restored by our support. Send us a support request via our ticket system. Look up in the cPanel which backup you would like to restore and tell us exactlywhich backup, home directory, database etc. and from which day it should be.

You can also browse the backup files and restore e.g. only one file. In this case, please let us know which file from which backup and from which day you want to have restored.

Why can't I restore a backup myself?

As already mentioned, your Backups free of charge created and hosted on separate servers and, for security reasons, in a separate data center. The backup servers are not accessible from the outside via the Internet. Our backup servers are only accessible via a specific network. This network is known only to us and we will not allow any customer to access it.

How much does it cost to restore and why do I have to pay for it?

Importing a backup is the 1st time free of charge. Each additional recovery costs one support unit. One support unit corresponds to 15 minutes and is charged with CHF 45.

Why do I have to pay for it? Importing a backup is not something that can be done at the push of a button. It's an effort that has to be made, and as you know, every industry charges for effort. The plumber doesn't come to the house for free, or you don't work for free, do you?

How can I back up my data myself?

For example, if you have a WordPress website, there are several plugins to create backups. In cPanel you also have the possibility to create backups with the WordPress Toolkit or the Softaculous Softwareinstaller. You can then download these backup files. You can also restore such a backup yourself if necessary.

If you do not use a CMS that provides appropriate tools, you can first compress the data in the cPanel file manager and pack it into a .zip file and then download it. If you have a database, do not forget to export it separately. We answer questions about the file manager here: How do I use the file manager?

I would like to have a backup restored

Log in to your customer account and send us a support ticket. Describe exactly which backup you want us to import. By exactly we mean which domain, which folders or files, which email account and from which date. You can see which backups are available to you from which date in the cPanel in the Files section -> JetBackup5.

Of course, it would be best if you never have to use this function.

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