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How do I connect with FileZilla FTP Client?


FileZilla is a Open source FTP client, which lets you connect to your web hosting account and transfer, edit and manage your web files remotely. Since web hosting control panels usually have restrictions (file size limit, uploading folders, etc.), it is always convenient to work via FTP. In this guide, we'll go step-by-step through the entire sign-up process for FileZilla clients. Even if you are new to FileZilla, you can easily follow our guide.

FileZilla download

The first thing you need to do is download the FileZilla client and install it on your local computer. If you haven't done so yet, please download it from the official FileZilla website, which you can reach directly from here. There are two download options: "FileZilla Client" and "FileZilla Server" - please choose the client option.

FileZilla download
Download FileZilla FTP client from the official website

After that, you need to have ready the FTP details that are required to connect to your hosting account:

FTP username
FTP password
Hostname (your domain or server IP)

If you are a customer of ORC Web Hosting, you will find the required details in your welcome e-mail, which contains all the necessary information about your hosting account with us. In case you have trouble finding the details, we have created instructions on how to retrieve the cPanel/FTP data from the Customer Center: How do I find my cPanel/FTP password?

Create connection with FileZilla

We will use the Quickconnect bar to establish the connection.

In the Quickconnect bar, type the server name in the Server field.
The username in the Username field.
Then enter the password in the Password field.
You can leave the Port: field blank if your credentials do not explicitly specify a particular port.

Now click Connect. FileZilla will now try to connect to the server. If everything works, you will see a list of files/directories in the right "column".

Please note that depending on the selected "Encryption Method", a certificate verification popup window may appear that requires your confirmation. In this case, be sure to click the "OK" button to continue the process.

connect to fiezilla
Enter the user data in the Quick Connect bar

Notice: If your credentials specify a protocol such as SFTP or FTPS, enter the server name as follows: sftp://servername or ftps://servername. To obtain the port for sftp please contact our Support Team.

You have done it! You have successfully established an FTP connection to your web hosting account using FileZilla.

Pretty simple - isn't it? We hope that you have succeeded in creating a successful Connection with FileZilla by following our instructions. If you received any error messages during the registration process, please contact our support team.

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