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How do I log in to the edit mode (admin) of my website?

How do I log in to edit mode (admin) of my website? Normally you just need to add /admin to your website address. You should be redirected to /index.php?open=login (you can go there directly).

Additionally, you can use the key combination CTRL+ESC.

If your website address is www.meine-webseite.ch, try visiting www.meine-webseite.ch/admin. Login options should be available there and by default "Login with PIN" is available: Enter your email address Enter the address you saved in the website configuration and the system will send the PIN code there. You just need to copy/paste this code to log in. The system should remember you for some time, but if you need to log in again, you will be asked for a new PIN code.

In case of problems with e-mail and PIN code, there are always alternative login options. You can find them on the "More options" tab. If none of them work, please contact our support.

How do I update my website to the latest version?

As soon as a new version is available, you should see a yellow notification at the bottom left. Click there and confirm that you want to start the upgrade. The process will be automated. You can create a backup before the upgrade to make sure you can restore the previous version of your website in case of problems.

Alternatively, you can return to the website installation page where you launched your website and simply repeat the installation process where you selected a template to continue - don't worry, only system files, your website's subpages, data and templates will be copied and nothing will be lost.

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