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How does my website use cookies?

How does my website use cookies? If your website is new, by default no cookies should be stored on your visitors' devices and there are no tracking features for ads or remarketing. As a website administrator, you have some data stored in your own cookies (for example, the information that you have Website administrator are).

If you want to give your Website some integrated apps/modules add, cookies can be used:

Voting survey - If you add a voting poll to your website, cookies are used when the website visitor votes (to remember that they have already voted).
Shopping cart - When the visitor places an order, the module uses cookies to save his data and pre-fill forms for next orders.

External apps and services

There is built-in support for some third-party apps and services and their cookie policies may be different, but tracking services that can be enabled in the website settings section, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel or Google's Gtag - they use cookies, there is a cookie modal. If this option is enabled, none of these services will be activated until the website visitor clicks the "Agree" button. This may affect the statistics (from Google Analytics), as users who do not accept the cookie policy will not be counted.

Cookie consent can be activated and customized in the "Website settings" section.

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