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To change the order of photos in the gallery

When your gallery is created, each new photo you upload from your computer is added to the end of the photo list. You can easily change this order.

Open your gallery settings from the left menu > APPS > Photo Gallery. A new window will open where you can select which gallery you want to edit if you have more than one gallery. Proceed to the gallery you want to edit now.

Move the mouse over the gallery item (a photo) you want to move. You will notice that the icon with the "6 dots" is highlighted on the left side:

To change the order of photos in the gallery

- Press your mouse button there and start dragging and dropping at the new position. Changes will be saved automatically. You can close the gallery settings window and refresh your page to see the changes.

You can use the same method to remove photos from your gallery. Just click a button with the Task icon instead of dragging the "6-dot" bar.

Moreover, you can add a description to each of your photos. Under each image you will see the "Image description" field. Enter your description there and click the green "Checkmark" button to save the changes.

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