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How do I find my cPanel/FTP credentials?


An FTP login contains information about the server/host address, username and password. Also, an FTP account and cPanel share the same username and password.

The cPanel and FTP access data were sent to you by e-mail. If you have lost or misplaced them, you can easily find the cPanel/FTP access data in the customer center.

What is an FTP username?

Your FTP username is a unique identifier used to access your server files through FTP clients such as FileZilla. Note: A FTP Username is NEVER a eMail address.

What is an FTP hostname?

This usually consists of the domain name assigned to your hosting package.

Video tutorial

In this video/article we will show you how to do it. Please note that the cPanel and FTP access data identical are!

Text instruction

  1. Log in to the customer center. If you no longer know how to log in, we have also put together an article for you here: Access to ORC Webhosting customer area
Customer center login
Log in to the customer center

2. now click MY PRODUCTS in the menu (on the left side) or on the category marked with red arrows and select the web hosting package you purchased.

cpanel password and FTP access
Customer Center Dashboard Product Overview

3. click on LOGIN DETAILS in the product menu on the left side.

You will now see the server address, username and password. Click on "CLICK HERE TO VIEW PASSWORD".

The password is now displayed.

cpanel password
The cPanel/FTP access data will be displayed in the customer center

FTP access

The same user and password are also valid for FTP access e.g. with Filezilla.

Use your domain instead of the server address.

The port address can normally be left blank, otherwise use port 21.

ftp access
The username and password are also valid for FTP access

That's it. Now you know how to use your cPanel password find it again if you have lost it. If you have any difficulties, you can always contact our support team for further assistance. To do this, log in to the customer center.

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