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ORC Web Hosting Customer Center Overview


This tutorial is intended to introduce the user interface of ORC Web Hosting Customer Area ("Customer Center"). We have thoroughly developed our Customer Area and integrated all the important features required for an exceptional user experience. In the following lines you will learn how to easily navigate through the area and efficiently manage your information, payments, services and internal communication with our team.

The home page (dashboard) at a glance

The home page of your customer area provides at-a-glance information about your services, domains, invoices, and support tickets. Each dialog in the left pane contains shortcuts for easy access to the corresponding page.

We strive to keep our customers up to date, which is why you will find the NEWS link with all the news relevant to you in the left-hand area under HELP. Take a look there from time to time.

To get to know the Customer Center area you need to log in. We have also prepared a guide on how to log in to the Customer Center: Access to the customer area

Please note that ORC Webhosting has never sent newsletters and will not do so in the future. Therefore, if you receive an email with information from us, it is an important email and you should definitely read it.

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ORC Webhosting Customer Center Overview
ORC Web Hosting Customer Center Overview

The following section contains dialog boxes for each active hosting service currently used with ORC Web Hosting. Each dialog box displays general information about the service as well as shortcut buttons for direct access. They are displayed in the following order:

  • Domains (displayed only if you have ordered the service)
  • Premium web hosting (displayed only if you have ordered the service)
  • Easy Web Hosting (Displayed only if you have ordered the service)
  • Cloud Server or Dedicated Server (only displayed if you have ordered a server)
  • Product Addons (Will only be displayed if you have ordered an addon)

In the lower area you can see all Support tickets with the status "Open" and all due invoices. These two areas are only displayed if there is a ticket or an invoice.

Navigation overview of the customer center
Navigation overview of the customer center

You will also notice two layered navigation bars - on the top of the page and on the left side. They consist of shortcut icons that allow easy access to specific sections with different information.

Top navigation bar

The top bar contains some icons, followed by a drop-down menu. We will go through them from left to right and explain them:

ORDER button: Here you can order additional products like domains or product extensions etc.

BUBBLE WITH EXCLAMATION MARK: The status messages of the server are displayed here. If all systems are working properly, this icon has no function. However, if a number appears, you can track the status of the server. Usually, you will also receive an e-mail informing you about the problem.

Bell symbol: If you click on this icon, the latest emails sent by ORC Web Hosting will be displayed. You will also have the possibility to view the entire email history, log files and credit history.

Balance: Shows you if you have an open invoice (red) or if you have credit (green) on your customer account.

Language switcher: Does not require explanation 🙂

Customer Center Top Navigation
Customer Center Top Navigation

The arrow icon next to the Welcome, Customer Name greeting message contains the following options arranged in a drop-down menu:

Edit details: Here you can edit your personal data and change the password for the customer area.

Settings: In this area you can make various settings for billing.

Support: Open a new support ticket or visit the Knwledgebase.

Logout: This function probably needs no explanation.

Left navigation bar

Using the menu on the left, you can easily navigate through your customer area and get to the desired checkpoint. The options are explained from top to bottom.

Customer Center Left navigation bar
Customer Center Left navigation bar

Dashboard - This is the home page of your customer area.

My products - Here you can access your booked products analog to the product bar on the start page.

Account Details - Edit your account information such as address changes, etc.

Manage contacts - Add more people who should have access to your account. You can also invite people, such as designers or developers, and create a temporary access grant

2FA Authenticator - Increase account security by enabling 2FA via email or cell phone.

Invoices - An overview of your paid or still open invoices. All invoices and payment confirmations can also be downloaded afterwards as PDF.

Add credit - Add prepaid credit to your account that will be automatically applied to future orders or invoices.

Affiliates - Activate the affiliate account and earn commissions by referring customers to ORC Web Hosting. You will also have a live overview of all activities like referred customers, open commissions and clicks on your affiliate link.

Support Center - Your overview of all tickets you have sent to us. View past tickets or open a new one.

Knowledgebase - Here you can find useful tutorials and guides on various topics.

News - Since we don't send newsletters it is an advantage if you look in here from time to time. Here we share news or useful things like new about WordPress or what else is going on in the online world.

We hope you found the information in this guide helpful and are now familiar with the Customer Area user interface. If you still have any questions, please contact our Support Team.

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