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VPN Client APP Setup

Below are a few simple steps to set up your VPN client APP and surf the Internet safely.

Download and install VPN client APP application

Download the VPN clients for your preferred devices.

Apple iOS - Download the iOS App

Android - Download the Android App

macOS - Download the macOS App

Windows - Download the Windows App

AndroidTV / FireTV Stick - Download the AndroidTV/FireTV Stick App

Linux (Beta) - Download the Linux App

Open the newly installed VPN client app

vpn client app setup
VPN Client Setup

Now click on SETTINGS to start the setup.

Enter user and password

vpn client app setup
VPN User Setup

Enter the received access data, user and password in the fields and click Update. Optionally make further settings like autostart etc.

Advanced settings

vpn client app setup
VPN Client Advanced Setup

By default, a TCP connection is set. If possible, switch to UDP.

UDP is faster than TCP.

If necessary, you can select IPv6 or the port. When you are done click on the cross in the upper right corner.

Select the desired server/country

vpn client app setup
Select the country you want the VPN client to connect to

Now click on Server Location and select the desired Server and country.

After that click the button SWITCH ON. Done You are now surfing on the Virtual Private Network (VPN)

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