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What is an Administrative Contact

administrative contact (administrative contact) is one of the roles or positions that must be specified when registering a domain. This person or organization is responsible for administrative tasks and decisions in connection with the domain.

Domain Administrative-Contact

Here are some important points for administrative contact:

Tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Management of the domainThe administrative contact takes care of administrative matters relating to the domain, such as changes to registration information, renewals and cancellations of domain registrations.
  2. Contact with the registrar: He is the main contact person for the domain registrar (the company that manages the Domain registered has) and can initiate requests and changes regarding the domain.
  3. Legal and administrative communicationThe administrative contact can be contacted for legal and administrative communications regarding the domain, including domain transfer issues or legal disputes.
  4. DNS managementAlthough the administrative contact is not necessarily responsible for the technical administration of the domain, he can still initiate changes to the DNS entries.

Properties of the administrative contact:

  • ResponsibilityThe administrative contact bears considerable responsibility for the administration and legal status of the domain.
  • Contact informationThe administrative contact must provide complete and accurate contact information, including name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.
  • Not necessarily the domain holderThe administrative contact does not necessarily have to be the domain holder, but can act on behalf of the holder.

Comparison with other domain contacts:

  1. Registrant (domain holder)This is the person or organization that owns the domain. The registrant has ultimate control over the domain.
  2. Technical ContactThis person or organization is responsible for the technical aspects of domain administration, such as DNS configuration.
  3. Billing ContactThis person or organization is responsible for the financial aspects of the domain registration, such as paying the registration fees.


When a company Example GmbH one domain example.com registered, the contact structure could look like this:

  • RegistrantExample GmbH
  • Administrative ContactMax Mustermann, Managing Director
  • Technical ContactErika Beispiel, IT administrator
  • Billing ContactHans Rechnung, Finance Department

In this example, Max Mustermann would be the administrative contact for all administrative tasks and legal matters relating to the domain example.com manage.

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