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To set up a Google Analytics account

Google Analytics

To set up a Google Analytics account

Google Analytics is a toolset that allows you to track and analyze your website's data and users' activities. The data is collected via a JavaScript code snippet captured, which will be inserted into the header of all pages of your website. It is free of charge and can be included in any Website or web application be integrated.

Google Analytics offers a wide range of information systematized in the form of statistical repositories, which can be divided into five main aspects:

  • Website target group - You get demographic, geographic, and technical information about users, such as access location, browser and device type, detected language, and more.
  • Real-time monitoring - One of the great benefits is that you can monitor in real time how your visitors interact with your website - which pages they view, how long they stay on a particular page, etc.
  • Traffic volume - You can see exactly when your visitors access your website on an hourly, daily and monthly basis.
  • Origin of traffic - You can get information about how your visitors found your website. For example, this information can come from search engines like Google, direct links, referral links, social media, and so on.
  • User interaction - You can track how visitors interact with your site's content - which pages they visit most often, which links they click on, and more.

All of this information is extremely valuable when it comes to developing your content, marketing strategies, the Design and improve the functionality of your website. By learning to analyze and make sense of these statistics, you can improve some of the most critical aspects of your website. Below are some general examples that are applicable to standard websites.

  • Design - By analyzing the most popular devices and screen resolutions, you can focus your efforts on optimizing your website's user interface and usability. Moreover, you can identify some functional issues that require your attention and action.
  • Content strategy - Information about posts, pages, and article views is very useful for planning your content strategy. You can base your future content topics on these statistics and take into account which topics are the most popular.
  • Marketing campaigns and advertising - Whether you run paid campaigns or not, it's important to know which channels drive the most traffic to your website. With this information, you can focus on the campaigns that deliver the best results.
  • Reduction of bounce rates - If you know which content or topics are not well received by your visitors, you can remove or improve them.

As you can see, all these details help you to base your future site development and campaigns on facts. This is always better than reacting to hypothetical suggestions or guesses.

In this tutorial, we will show you the first steps you need to take when integrating Google Analytics into your Integrate website want. Regardless of what type of website you run or how exactly you want to integrate Google Analytics, you must first set up a Google Analytics account.

Set up a Google Analytics account

As the name suggests, Google Analytics is powered by Google. Therefore, you only need an existing Gmail account to set up your account. We assume that you already have a Gmail account. If not, you will be prompted to create a new account during setup.

To get started, you need to go to Google Analytics go. Once you are on the page, you will see a registration form where you will need to enter your existing email address. Alternatively, you can click on the option "Create account" click and proceed with the creation of Gmail.


Once you are logged in, please click on the blue "Set up free" button in the middle of the screen.

google analytics account setup

The first step is to enter the "Account Name". This is for your information only, so you can enter any name you want. Note that you can use Google Analytics to manage multiple websites. If that is your plan, you can use something more general that fits all of them.

google analytics account name create

Below are the data sharing settings that allow you to control what information Google may receive from your website(s). If you are not comfortable sharing a certain type of data, please uncheck the corresponding checkbox.

When you are done, please click the "Next" button.


In the second step, you need to select whether you want to measure a website, a web application, or both. Please note that the "Both" option is currently still in beta. We assume that in most cases you will need to select the "Web" option.

When you are done, please click the "Next" button at the bottom.

google analytics website

In the third and final step, you need to configure your website details such as name, domain name, industry, and reporting time zone. Please make sure that the protocol you have selected for the "Website URL" matches your website configuration, regardless of whether you are using the HTTP or HTTPS protocol.

When you are ready, please click the "Create" button to continue.

google analytics details

You will then be shown the Google Analytics Terms of Use and Google's Privacy Policy. To complete the process, select the checkboxes and click the "I agree" button.

You will then receive your tracking ID and the JavaScript code required to manually integrate Google Analytics into your website.


This sets up your account and you have collected the necessary information for configuration. Now you can add Google Analytics to your website.

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