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The safe handling of e-mails

The secure handling of e-mails

Handle emails securely

Email remains the main target for malicious software and fraud attempts. Attackers use deception to trick recipients into taking actions they would not normally take. They often try to appeal to potential victims' feelings or interests in order to get them to click links, open attachments, disclose personal information or transfer money. A cautious approach to emails and safe handling of emails will significantly contribute to the security of your data and computer.

To protect yourself from malicious software, Phishing and various types of fraud, you should observe the following measures:

Critical consideration of requests for action

Be skeptical of emails that require actions from you. Be cautious when you are asked to perform certain actions, such as opening links or attachments. Never disclose personal information on forms opened through a link in an email.

Do not react hastily to social engineering

Don't act rashly or without thinking. Scammers are constantly inventing new scenarios to get victims to act rashly. This approach is called "social engineering" and aims to make victims perform actions without realizing it. Don't be pressured and think things through calmly. If you are unsure, ask friends, colleagues or even the NCSC according to their opinion.

Beware of unknown senders

Be suspicious of emails from unknown senders. Do not open attached documents or click links in emails whose sender address is unknown to you.

Even familiar senders can transmit malicious emails

Keep in mind that malicious emails can also come from known senders. Some malware spreads by emailing itself to victims' contacts. Therefore, be cautious if communications already in progress are suddenly resumed for no apparent reason.

Office document risks

Pay special attention to Office documents, because they are often used as a distribution channel for malicious software. The macro function is a common vulnerability in this regard. Never give permission to activate macros.

Important email program updates

Don't forget to update your email program regularly. Security vulnerabilities can also occur in email applications. Make sure you always use the latest software version.

By following these recommendations, you will help ensure the security of your data and your computer.

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