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Why should you choose a LiteSpeed server?

litespeed Server

LiteSpeed Web Server: A popular choice for new-age web entrepreneurs launching their websites is WordPress. There is no denying that WordPress has a large market share when it comes to running CMS-based websites. It is responsible for more than 60 % of the market websites. Now, thorough, well-structured planning is required when developing a business website. The process generally starts with the user learning PHP to customize other functions and features besides the standard functionality.

Why should you choose a LiteSpeed server?

In addition, developers conduct independent research on the prices of Hosting plans through. In addition, the user must also call the preferred server type, as it dictates the content management and website performance similar to the code optimization quality.

LiteSpeed web servers have been cleverly designed to maintain compliance with systems like cPanel, Plesk and Cyberpanel. Therefore, beginners can expect a complete boost for their website with LiteSpeed.

It must be mentioned that a beginner can choose from the three most common options while building their website from scratch - Apache, NGINX and LiteSpeed. While the other two options are regularly practiced, LiteSpeed is always praised for its significant advantages that effectively improve the overall experience.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the top five reasons why LiteSpeed should be considered over the other web servers, with special mention of Apache.

LiteSpeed is a drop-in replacement

Previously, the existing customer base consisted of Web server solutions like Apache. However, with the introduction of LiteSpeed, it is easier than ever to improve your own web server. After rigorous testing, it's safe to say that LiteSpeed is a direct replacement or alternative to Apache. It is perfectly compatible with popular hosting solutions.

This could also be taken to mean that anything that runs on Apache will work with LiteSpeed web servers. One of the factors that make LiteSpeed a successful alternative to Apache and other web servers is the smooth transition. There is no change to the .htaccess or httpd.conf files

It is also important to mention that setting up LiteSpeed for your website will not take more than a few minutes, including all the reconfiguration and setup. Moreover, it should be noted that LiteSpeed provides a free plugin for managing it through a graphical interface, if the potential user relies on either cPanel or WHM.

Increase website performance

One of the most noticeable features of LiteSpeed is its ability to boost the performance of web servers. It works well with extremely busy websites and high traffic: - And that too with minimal hardware support such as memory and CPU.

There is no denying that LiteSpeed delivers static content much faster compared to other types of web servers. It virtually improves the PHP performance of the website through its custom PHP LSAPI.

People with busy WordPress websites on the VPS hosting server can expect improved performance with LiteSpeed. When a user starts using LiteSpeed, the first thing he or she will notice is the significant decrease in load.

Increase safety

LiteSpeed web servers provide a wealth of security benefits for your website. Moreover, you can effectively use a mod_security module, which is generally considered for blocking web attacks. This is mostly possible because LiteSpeed is Apache compliant. It is also important to mention that LiteSpeed can work properly according to the rules without any additional setup.

Moreover, LiteSpeed server brings its own security features that can come in handy if your web server is exposed to a DDoS attack. The innovative web server has been cleverly designed with built-in anti-DDoS options such as connection throttling.

Reduce hardware costs

LiteSpeed license costs are much cheaper compared to the money spent on hardware to improve your servers. Moreover, they can also help reduce the effort in system administration.

Better SEO results

They also know that the speed of the website is an extremely important factor and is briefly responsible for customer satisfaction. Most search engines prefer fast loading websites. Big players like Google have already mentioned that speed is crucial for SERPs recognition.

There is no denying that LiteSpeed is turning out to be a very practical option for web server technology. There are very few alternatives that can guarantee the user optimized speeds and performance, as LiteSpeed continues to grow as the fastest web server technology of the day.

Here is a breakdown of some significant advantages that become apparent when compared to Apache.

  • Event driven architecture
  • Advanced cache engine
  • HTTP/2, QUIC support
  • Built-in safety functions

Development speed

LiteSpeed does not require much time to set up its features due to its built-in adaptive features. Therefore, for potential users wondering if the migration to LiteSpeed will take a considerable amount of time, there is no need to worry. LiteSpeed's experienced developers had previously created a working version with dynamic host management within a week. The new version of LiteSpeed came with built-in Redis support.

Many websites struggle to cope with poor traffic. LiteSpeed can be a satisfactory solution for these companies, as it detects unexpected errors on the fly. LiteSpeed server starts troubleshooting immediately. The user gets a core file that can be used after the system reboots.

The result

Users are likely to notice a significant improvement in their server performance after implementing LiteSpeed, a significant upgrade compared to the previous alternatives. It's important to mention that if your clients rely on WordPress for their content management, you can still benefit from LiteSpeed. The web server solution offers an immediate increase in time to first byte (TTFB) compared to Apache.

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin

LiteSpeed creators have launched their independent cache plugin for WordPress. Users can select the installed plugin TTFB to significantly improve their web performance. The latest LiteSpeed version (5.4) is packed with major upgrades for SSL/TLS, QUIC and built-in security features.

Major players in the web development business have expressed good feedback after installing LiteSpeed Cache plugin for their users who install WordPress through their platform. It is worth noting that LiteSpeed has already developed dedicated cache plugins for several primary content management systems, namely WordPress, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, Joomla, Drupal and more.


It's important to remember that websites have different goals, purposes, and audiences. However, regardless of the niche, they can still benefit from having a powerful and competent web server to run their website, blog or applications. It's safe to say that LiteSpeed is the solution of choice for hosting providers to achieve superior performance and budget-friendly benefits in the future.

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