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Share productivity tools, such as calendar, address book, and tasks

Experience your eMail like never before. Efficient teamwork with XtraMail.

Your own email address for private and business with XtraMail Webmail. eMail, documents, video, calendar, contacts, presentations, screensharing, spreadsheets and over 40 other functions included. Mobile APP.

Teamwork with Xtramail

An email experience that will inspire you

The modern communication suite is available for free with all web hosting packages. Designed for those who only settle for the best - XtraMail Webmail is beautiful, incredibly fast and comes with advanced features that provide you and your team with state-of-the-art communication technologies. Features that are usually only available on major platforms like Gmail and Outlook are now a reality - without expensive licensing fees!

The business email service that helps you grow

Beautiful, intuitive and powerful. Welcome to XtraMail Webmail.

Xtramail is a comprehensive email clientthat offers you and your team a wide range of features to streamline communication and improve teamwork. Xtramail is suitable for both businesses and individuals, and offers the tools required for efficient communication at home and on the go.

Xtramail webmail is exclusively available only at ORC Webhosting and only in conjunction with a webhosting account.
Xtramail is a web-based mail client, but can also be used with all common mail clients like Outlook etc. without any problems. For mobile phones and tablets, our Xtramail APP is available for free download in the stores. No setup is necessary.

cPanel web hosting with XTRAMAIL webmail for maximum efficiency

Xtramail Webmail is available free of charge with all web hosting packages

Start now with our hosting solutions and XtraMail

EASY web hosting

EASY web hosting with Xtramail Webmail offers everything you need for your website.

PREMIUM web hosting

First-class cPanel web hosting for large websites and e-commerce including Xtramail.

With Xtramail your data remains safe.

Data protection at the highest level

Xtramail by ORC Webhosting is characterized by the highest level of data protection. We take the protection of your personal information very seriously and therefore rely on a first-class security infrastructure. 

The webmail XtraMail, and thus your emails, are hosted on our own servers, which are located in a highly secure data center. By making this conscious decision, we ensure that no sensitive data is stored on foreign servers and are therefore not subject to potential data protection risks.

With Xtramail from ORC Webhosting, you have the peace of mind that your privacy and confidentiality are protected. Trust our years of experience and dedication to protecting your data as you send and receive email seamlessly and without compromise with XtraMail.

With Xtramail Webmail your data stays safe.
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Migrate emails to a new mailbox easily

email move powered by XtraMail

With the e-Mail Migration Tool of XtraMail, you can easily switch your e-mail accounts from different providers to ORC Web Hosting move. All folders and e-mails are transferred. Data is copied only and remains in the source mailbox.

Our Support Team is here to help you if you need assistance moving your email boxes. Our dedicated support team is available with expertise and experience to ensure that the move goes smoothly and without data loss.

Free website relocation

Efficient data exchange and effortless file sharing with Xtramail

Data exchange and file sharing

With Xtramail, sharing files and folders both within the team and externally, e.g. with customers, becomes an easy and smooth experience. You're in full control: just select the contacts you want to share files with, and Xtramail does the rest.

For even more flexibility, there is an option to create a special shareable link. With this link, anyone who has it can easily access the shared files. Whether you want to share sensitive documents with your team or exchange resources with external partners, Xtramail makes it easy and secure.

Use Xtramail's advanced features to streamline your data sharing and strengthen collaboration. With an intuitive user interface and powerful tools, sharing information becomes an efficient and focused process.

Efficient data exchange and effortless file sharing with Xtramail Webmail

Frequently asked questions

Antworten zu XtraMail-Webmail

  • Does Xtramail also have an APP for mobile and tablet?

    Yes, the XtraMail APP is available in the stores for free and ready to download. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the XtraMail app makes it easy for you to stay in touch on the go. The app gives you the same features as the desktop version, including video chat, text chat, file management, and autoresponders, so you can access all your important information from anywhere. To access the app, simply search for "Xtramail" in the App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Can I request or return read receipts?

    Yes, you can both request and return read receipts. To request a read receipt, please check the "Request confirmation" box before sending an email. When you receive an email in which a sender requests a read receipt from you, Xtramail lets you choose whether to accept/return or reject/ignore the read receipt request.

  • What are the formatting options?

    You have a variety of formatting options available to customize your text. Here are some examples:

    • Font, font size, font color and background color allow you to customize the visual style of your text.
    • You can bold, italicize, underline, or strike through text to emphasize specific words or sections.
    • The superscript and subscript options let you place text at the top or bottom of a line, for example, for mathematical formulas or chemical formulas.
    • Unordered and ordered lists help you present information in list form, either with bullet points or numbered bullets.
    • The alignment options allow you to left-align, right-align, center, or justify your text. You can also adjust the indentation of paragraphs.
    • Preformatted text is useful for presenting text in a specified format, such as code. Citations help to mark up text from other sources.
    • You can insert links to refer to other websites or internal pages. Smileys or emojis can be used to express emotions or moods.

    With these formatting options, you can make your text more appealing and visually highlight important information.

  • Will XtraMail webmail remain free forever?

    Yes, XtraMail will remain permanently free of charge. We believe that everyone should have unlimited access to a reliable email service without experiencing any financial hurdles. That is why we have decided to offer XtraMail as a free service and do not plan to change this in the future.

    Our goal is to provide a reliable and user-friendly email solution that is accessible to everyone. We finance the service through other business models and partnerships, so we can offer our users a free experience, without intrusive advertising or hidden costs.

    So you can rest assured that XtraMail will remain free of charge in the future and you will still be able to benefit from all its advantages without having to pay for them.